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I Could Be Wrong

I believe there are fundamental differences between men and women. Right now I’m only interested in one and that’s Attention. We as men are always told that we don’t pay enough nor give enough attention to our significant other. I’m at a point in my life where I’m confused as to what that means.

Am I to spend every moment of my day pandering to your every whim? A major exaggeration I know but to most of us men that’s how it comes across. I love spending time with my wife but I also believe that couples should have a life outside of the relationship. Now before you ladies have a heart attack, I’ll explains.

I don’t believe that anyone, male or female should latch on to their significant other and follow them blindly to wherever it is they are headed to. To me a relationship flourishes when the people involved have something to add to said relationship.

Which leads me back to this question of attention. There should be some time apart engaging in other activities. Accumulating useful and exciting information that you can come back and share with your partner, so you two have something to talk about.

So if I’m spending all of my free time with you, what kind of conversations are we having? How was work, how was your day? Isn’t that gonna get stale after a couple months.

I want you to tell me something new, something titillating that we can spend hours decoding. It doesn’t have to be something intellectually prolific. It can be the dumbest thing ever but if you think it’s cool we can talk about it.

As oppose to just being around, which is what (from my experience and from what my male friends usually allude to) is what most women want.

But I could be wrong…….Ladies let me know what you think. I’m never to old to learn.

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What Now?

Cursed by the inevitabilities of my indecisions

Too far from what I need

Not close enough to what I want

So I grieve and bleed in silence

Dying by a disease worst than death

Not being able to accept what comes next.

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Frost Bitten Stooge

What should I take with me to winter?

The warmth of your cheeks or the ice in your veins?

Through Cold hearts

Flow cold stares

When cruel intentions were small embers crying for life

Everyone of your kisses fuelled its flames

At every touch a chill

At every intersection I assessed this impasse

Masked as a self inflicted wound

Bombarded by over valued assumptions

I caved to the idea of an imminent doom

Trapped in the towers over looking Mauna Loa’s peak

This inferno beneath me is

An inverted sauna

A hypothermic infection

Glued to the depth of her God given blessings

Shrewd yet meticulous in her dissections

My subjugation was short lived

In retrospect my perceived subjugation was a ruse

Plowed to facilitate this cryogenic fluster called a relationship

Asking what I should take with me to winter

Not knowing that I’m already gangrenous

Decaying with the putrid scent of infatuation on my lips

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Low Tide

Boastful and bellowing disgust at hope

Carnivorous outlook eating away at the core

Evading the truth

Dating flaws

Magnifying setbacks

Does beauty only appear at high tide?

Is there someone who desires what the ocean retreats from?

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Love Notes 7

Floating on your wave

I daydream with your wit as navigation

The journey eclipses the final stop

Eternity our destination

Crazy over you

Let me find sanity in your arms

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Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome

New lipstick stains on old memories

Carnivorous with your intentions

Helpless in evading you

Chained to my ever changing emotions

Old scars in new places

Dancing alone in the trenches

At war with me, at war with you

Warring with the idea of us

Gorging on the flesh of what should have been

Yet never filled with my lust for vengeance

I seek

Recompense for a shattered heart

Recompense for wasted years

Recompense for “I love you’s’’ that never were


So intense these lips of yours

Plumbed and enticing

Helpless in evading you

Chained to my ever changing emotions

Old scars have new faces

My spring in the depth of winter

Cold are your intentions yet my warmth

Is in your blizzard

And as bizarre as this buffoonery bellows

I still love you

As fickle as this frivolity thunders

I’m still chained to my ever changing emotions

Helpless in evading you

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Love Notes 6


What my mind can’t grasp

And my dreams will never see

What my voice cannot articulate

And senses can never emulate

Why my heart beats

What my flesh desires

Is embodied in your love

Of Me