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Let me get to know you

Moist and ripe mango juice dripped lips unlawfully detains me.

Curves that dance on the very fringe of ecstasy hunts my dreams.

I cannot look you in the eye.

I fear that I’d get lost in them and never find my way out.

Still I want to get to know you

I have slept with your hair rapped around me forever

I have dived into the scent of your flesh and tattooed myself to your tummy

I awake to the fullness of your nature next to me but have never held you in my arms

So can I get to know you?

Can I massage your pink muscle that oozes with wisdom?

It  contracts and squeezes every ounce of worth out of every word before they trickle off your tongue and slid off your lips

It titillates my imagination

I have dreams of me sitting still just listening to you speak

I am fascinated by you

Not the person that everybody else sees

The one that you keep captive inside, hidden away from the vultures

The one that I see every time you smile

So can I get to know her?




These are my thoughts from my Vatange point I hope you enjoy

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