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My Proposal

the proposal 1

It’s all or nothing with me

I don’t want to kiss your cheeks

I want your lips pressed against mine so tightly I can taste your thoughts

I want to bath in your eyes with no life jacket

Let me drown in you

Loose myself and become one of the reasons you get up on mornings

Let me be your gate keeper

The encryption code to your heart

The devourer of your tears

And the only reason you cry

It’s all or nothing with me

Let me fail at loving you

Give me the options of acquiring or discarding your love

Parts of me die when I hurt you

But your tears let me know that I’ve found refuge in your heart

Your pain becomes the light house guiding this poor soul to your truth

To your little nest of utopia

It all or nothing with me

You get no halfsies from me

I give you my best, my worst and my in-betweens

I give you forever and a day to see if forever is not good enough

I give my all when you’re with me

No vaults, no fences, no walls just me

Take it all or leave me where I stand



These are my thoughts from my Vatange point I hope you enjoy

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