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The Plains between Attraction and Love

the plains

Twisted tongue in awe of you

Losing sleep to piece this picture

I’m not in love…This is richer

A deeper state of mind

Lost at the line between yesterday and tomorrow

Soft sweet seductive sheet soaked thoughts provoked by a stare

Emotions trump common sense

Your aura imprinted on my mind

Hallucinations of a stair

As I elevate to peaks

And reciprocate your reach

This spark you cultivated consumes me

Had no idea a touch could revolt against time

And make these years seem like a lunch break

So dine with me

Eat at my plate

Rap your hands around my heart

And feel what I feel when looking into your eyes

Spend forever with me

Say yes and take this anxiety from me

It mocks me

Don’t know how long I can hang onto these assumptions

Say yes



These are my thoughts from my Vatange point I hope you enjoy

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