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Ice Queen

ice queen

Frost bites on my liver

Intoxicated by you

Blindfolded by moist lips

And choice words

Imprisoned by desires too far gone for reason

Expendable to you

Expendable by circumstance

You wish for forever

But set snares against your heart

Keeping it buried beneath the rubbles of past encounters

Measuring today with yesterday’s tears

A chameleon adapting to the longings of others

Counterfeit love

With counterfeit trust

Leads to resentment and fury held together by lust

What you want – is to be alone

Yet don’t know how – to be alone

Keeping company to feel wanted

But in side – you are so alone

Giving just enough to keep them stringed

Giving too little to hold on to



These are my thoughts from my Vatange point I hope you enjoy

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