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Mimi Jones 2

mimi jones 2

You’re the reason for my bad behavior

You stripped me of myself and pieced me back together

You removed my flaws and enhanced my understanding of love

I’m unstable in this shell

Unstable with this new heart

I see things differently now…and that scares me

I have never seen this array of colors

Nor have I felt this depth of wanting

You took my heart and gave me yours

It’s too good for me

You make me angry

You frustrate me to the edge

Push me to bloom into a better shade of calm

Now I am too far out to make it back

The person I use to be

Becomes an afterthought in your presence

Longing for yesterday knowing that you are my tomorrow

Makes me fight to make you my yesterday

So you become the only thing I long for

Let me dry your tears with my smile

And build your heart a palace in my vineyard

Let me keep you captive in my thoughts

So you can become immortal in my memories

Let me mortgage my heart to you

In return I want every tomorrow

That the lord blesses you with for my own



These are my thoughts from my Vatange point I hope you enjoy

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