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Why Do We Stay?

I’ve seen too many people ride their cars straight into the ground by not taking care of the little things, that can easily be fixed – but – let it fester until it destroys one small part and then another until it becomes totally useless. The same can be said about a lot of relationships these days.


Now given that I know almost nothing about cars or relationships I can hardly consider myself an expert. However, it doesn’t take an expert to notice when things are going south in a relationship. clip_image004In my opinion either the two parties involved are too infatuated to let go or one of them are completely and utterly stupid. The sad part is that some of them are very attractive people. Why is that?

What I do not understand is why someone would continue down a path that they know holds no future. When it comes to relationships I am somewhat clueless, as pathetic as that sounds coming for a man who’s been married for seven years, it’s the truth. How do I know you ask? Because my wife lets me know at every opportunity she gets. So Mr. Jones, because he loves his wife and wants to become more knowledgeable about relationships, begs the question “why do we stay?”

You know that it’s not going to work yet the heart aches and perils that are going to be hurled at you as you continue down this dark and slippery slope seems none existent. clip_image006You are completely oblivious to your demise as you hold your significant other in your arms dreaming of fluffy clouds and white doves.

I have been there myself – and looking back I have no idea what I was thinking. Even when I knew it wouldn’t work out I kept calling, texting, meeting this woman who really had no feeling for me, well at least not in that way. I have had time to process it and I still can’t make any sense of it…..I guess that explains allot.

Do we just like being hurt?


Are we so lost in this make shift love bubble that throw all trepidations out the window? When you sit and assess your current relationship to the shipwrecks you had in the past it’s like what the hell was I thinking. Yet the question still remains

Why do we stay?




These are my thoughts from my Vatange point I hope you enjoy

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