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Cold Hearted Persuasion

keep my heart

A severed artery blissfully glowing with crimson stares

Emptied of all but memories, scarred by dreams embalmed with fear

Held the wind in my hands but have I?

Have I held the wind in my hands?

Gave a kiss to a corpse

A cold embrace defines you

Beguiled by the ocean scent

Buried in the sand are my hopes for an indigo sky

As for the remains of a broken soul

Somewhere beneath your tainted lips it lays

Saw the light off the skin of the morning rays

Those deceptive luminous bastard rays

Cursed the dawn for your presence

Cursed the dusk for your absence

Wished the day would die quickly so your aroma could fade

Oh that yesterday would fade?

And decay into the abyss

With my hope still dismayed by this necromancer’s lips

Sold the lie that today was not sufficient

Was not ideal for the nurture of things beheld in the distance

Was not fit to reach out to

Nor to suckle on the bosoms hope

Lost my compass at your thighs

And my neck to the noose on your rope

I gave you my todays, gave you my all leaving me hollow

You took my all set it a blaze

And gave another your tomorrows



These are my thoughts from my Vatange point I hope you enjoy

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