Posted in Loss

I Dream Of Summer


Mindless frolics debating the paths our hearts should travel

Then a touch becomes a prison

Wondering off to lands uncharted

Peach pony tails impair ones vision

Found myself counting the strands of her hair

No concern for the sum of the total

I knew the task could take forever

Wanted forever to be the destination

Consorting with great expectations the reach of her smile

Acquainting my hands with the folds of her hips

Denying my head a moment to inquire

The magnitude of the fall from the summit of her lips

Jet black sand and roaring waves

Ice cold winds that drowned me

Waited till the moon hit the horizon

Confused as to why love never found me

Back to a weary world walking with a dead black heart

The light of an approaching summer gone

Assumptions of what could be is now gutted and torn apart

Yet your beauty engraved on my pupil can never be undone

I still dream of summer

But only when the dead of winter sings

The only time I dear to bother

The first sign of falling autumn leaves



These are my thoughts from my Vatange point I hope you enjoy

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