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Wishful Thinking


Does hope sleep within your walls?

Is the dessert a blank canvas or a wasteland in your eyes?

Is there a greater height achieved after a fall?

Can there be any truth found within a lie?

Empty streets speak words of wisdom

There’s just no-one around to listen

What you can’t see after the crowds are gone

Are the footsteps of wishful thinking

She said to be strong

I gave a blind ear to her story

Her tone entrenched between each line

Held the pincher and poured me

A stream to float my battered raft to safety

I continued to stare at the empty street with nothing profound to awake me

They said it had words of wisdom

But no-one ever listens

Commotions cease as crowds move on

Yet it seems like nothing is missing?

Lives begin and end while foes turn into friends

Lovers become cold as the lamp poles go deem

Dreams die and fortunes are made with every inch of every feet

Hope dances on the tip of the tongue of a lonely street

You can’t see it but when it speaks

It’s always words of wisdom

Good or bad it has value

So take time to listen

Do not get caught in the crowd of replicated flaws

Let hope place you on the path pointing you to new shores



These are my thoughts from my Vatange point I hope you enjoy

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