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Grey Skies

rain drop diary

Shades of grey paint happy faces on my thoughts

As the cool breeze sets my mind on chill

Flashes of light brightens the beyond

If only for a moment

And that moment sits and simmers for a lifetime

I’m at the most calm when there’s rain drops

When everything else slows down

And the dust in the air dissipates

Senses are charmed by those rain drops

Inhibitions lose their ground

And desires gain weight

Second chances are born after rain drops

Brown liquids eroding the traces of yesterday

While dancing down the curves of hills

To streams that swallow their ambitions

Leading them to shores where it all stands still

Waves crashing while the rain drops

Incapable of slowing down

Sporadically gliding from the belt of the horizon

And thrust against the shore the sound

Of slumber set in motion

Whenever the grey sky come

Happy faces on my thoughts

Lights flicker way beyond

Sitting and consuming every moment

Before the grey sky retreat from the sunshine

Keep them bottled up in dreams that last a lifetime



These are my thoughts from my Vatange point I hope you enjoy

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