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Loosing your Voice

There’s something beautiful and innocent about young love.y love

A blank canvas with a multitude of possibilities.

All that is needed is that untainted desire for your significant other.

Eyes, mind and body have not yet been poisoned by the cancerous inevitabilities of life.

Trusting that your love is wanted, appreciated and reciprocated in the way that you would want, is all that really matters.

At least from this writer’s perspective.

I witnessed this budding flower in its radiant splendor on my way home one night.

A young couple, two seats away from me, are so entangled in each other’s arms that the presence of any other passenger on the bus is totally oblivious to them.scent-of-love

Lost in the euphoria, that come with the feel of your significant other’s embrace, from where I sat, makes them seem so happy….in that instance you can almost taste the love in the air.

Which took my mind on a tangent thinking of all the different aspects of a relationship.

How do two individuals with completely world-apart lifestyles form such a beautiful bond?

How does that come about?

You find the one that you’re interested in – hopefully they share that sentiment.

You two spend loads of time together and next thing you know you’re their emergency contact.

Before her/him, you had ambitions, a direction in which you wanted your life to go.

How does that just change?

How can someone just hijack your life?images

Is it the sweet nothings nibbling away at what was once a great wall of defense?

The soft touches easing all concerns out of the way, placing someone else’s emotions ahead of yours

Or the realization that this person is far from ordinary.

Maybe all of them are true

I have no idea.

I have seen people give of themselves to a relationship to no avail.

I have also seen other do almost nothing to become the sole heir of another’s heart.

Either of these can last a life time, which is usually to the detriment of the giver.

But some people loose themselves and give till there is nothing left to give

Others will take until there’s nothing left to have.steal

There is very little restitution when love goes wrong,

You either learn from your mistakes or it cripples you.

How does one find solace in this sea of emotional carnage?

How will these two young birds stand against the winds that are coming?

It’s usually a sink or swim situation for most people.

Your first love is always your first love, and relationships don’t come with handbooks.

You might seek guidance….and there are many that may give you great advice but you are still going to have to deal with a situation you have never been in, on your own. onown

Make life altering decision..on your own. They might not seem that way at first but you find yourself pushing stuff back to appease your soul mate only to find out that they didn’t share those feeling you thought they did.

Now you have to start all over.

The opposite is the same….you push things back to appease your soul mate and get pulled further up than you could have gotten on your own. 

Now your vantage point is different.

I consider it loose our voices because in relationships, speaking is the primary form of communication. When you go against your nature, when you favor some of your partners idiosyncrasies as oppose to yours, the compromise becomes the loss, for better or for worst.

You become a “We” instead of an “I” and that’s sometimes a very beautiful thing but we all have to be careful who we loose our voices for.



These are my thoughts from my Vatange point I hope you enjoy

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