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Love Notes 7

Floating on your wave

I daydream with your wit as navigation

The journey eclipses the final stop

Eternity our destination

Crazy over you

Let me find sanity in your arms

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Love Notes 6


What my mind can’t grasp

And my dreams will never see

What my voice cannot articulate

And senses can never emulate

Why my heart beats

What my flesh desires

Is embodied in your love

Of Me

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Overvalued Assumptions

over valued assumptions

Am I being punished because of it?

This thing we never speak on

That itch we never touch

That space we seem to share but rarely visit

The silence before the smile we parade in front of each other

Acting like we’re not aware of “It”

That kiss goodbye that’s so much more than a kiss goodbye

Am I being punished because of “it”?

Am I being punished because I choose to accept “it” as fiction?

Yet revel in the joy of your company

Conveniently detaching myself from the fact that

My joy in you fuels your joy in me

Yet we tip toe around would be happiness

Dancing to the sad songs of fear

Chained to our overvalued assumptions

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So Gone

I’m physically holding you in my arms
And can feel the distance between us
You marooned me on this island
Close enough for your comfort
Just far enough to evade my touch
Saying all the right things to keep me here
Doing everything else to get me to leave
Enjoying the sunset without me
Meanwhile I’m seating here on your couch
chained to your scent
Regretting that I let my guard down.
Now I hate sunsets

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Exchanging Notes

ex notes 1


I can only explain how I see you

If only you tell me what my eyes should see

Absorbing the temperature of the water through my open wound

Still not afraid of the pain

Just terrified at the outcome

Cold stares mixed with lust and tainted dreams

Makes the morning after it ends

The answer to her question “Why all these concrete walls”

I saw the semblance of something good

A plea for companionship

I said “What your eyes should see is a cove

But this cove is not for any ship”

Only a vessel capable of decimating these barriers

I’m on the verge of letter go so let your now and forever speak

Need you to lift me from this peak of self-ostracism

I seek new love, new expectations

New life to my ever dwindling optimism

What I want from you is what you should want from me…Everything

Let’s exchange our ideas and outlooks on life

Our fears and fractured beliefs on how things should be

Our demands on today and forever

Let’s exchange a you and an I

For Us

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Love Note 6


Hating  you in the dark
Or making love with the lights on
Lips against mine is like dancing to the right song
The right note can change your perception
I want to be in tune with your heart beat
Only if it beats for me

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Still at shore with the weight of gaffes around my dreams

Afraid to set a course

At odds with all but how it seems

Perception sits on the thrown of what is

What is not cannot stand to the claims of what should be

With demise almost a certainty

Almost – becomes the theme that moves me

Fastened to procrastination

Circumventing the truth

Giving ear to assumptions

Off the tongue of a brute

Still at shore with my thoughts buried deep in the sands of time

Afraid to venture passed the limits of a mind

Institutionalized by the ideals of slavery

How is it that you are a subject to yourself?

So in love with maybes

That you give away a fortune

Because you are trying to ignore

Your fear of love’s ocean

By sitting on the shore